Oh gosh, look at all this stuff!
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I’m staying at my parents’ (now mostly abandoned) house for the weekend, so I can do some hot, burly woodworking (Hchom sale soon - ready thy loins). I’ve been browsing through some old hard drives, and I found these D&D designs which I’d totally forgotten about.

I can tell by the horse’s stiff little feets, that I was looking at a plastic model while I drew it.

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draw what you wear!!

  • everyday outift
  • at home outfit
  • special occasion outfit

if you are tagged you must draw the three outfits listed and then tag some people.

TAGGING: iraya, aimeefleck, official-gerardway, pentecost, telekinetprufrocking, ghostbees, charleskinbote, geniusbee aand rubyspoon ! & anyone else who wants to do this!

((the last one has a different haircut because it’s been so long since i went to a special occasion…uuh))